Applying for Membership in SEAW

SEAW is organized into the membership categories and their corresponding dues structures listed below. Select the membership category that best fits your status.

Your contact information is shared with our foundation, SEFW. In order to “opt-out” please contact the association office. Click here for our privacy policy.

Note: SEAW membership runs on a calendar year beginning February 1st. If you would like to join or renew your membership with SEAW, please make sure you are joining/renewing beginning no earlier than December 1st. Applications/renewals received prior to December 1st will be counted towards the previous year's dues.

Membership Categories

Annual dues rates by chapter are shown. New member dues are automatically prorated by calendar quarter. Payment of current year's dues is required with application. 

Member SE: Registered structural engineer in the state of Washington and regularly engaged in the practice of structural engineering at the time of application.
Member SE dues by Chapter: Seattle $160.00 | Southwest $105.00 | Spokane $105.00 | So. Central $105.00

Member PE: Registered professional engineer or architect licensed to practice in the state of Washington. 
Member PE dues by chapter: Seattle $140.00 | Southwest $100.00 | Spokane $95.00 | So. Central $95.00

Associate: Graduate of an approved engineering school or college, and not yet licensed in the state of Washington.
Associate dues by chapter: Seattle $110.00 | Southwest $90.00 | Spokane $77.50 | So. Central $77.50

Affiliate: Individual engaged in a profession which cooperates with structural engineers in the advancement of professional knowledge, practice and welfare.
Affiliate dues by chapter: Seattle $160.00 | Southwest $105.00 | Spokane $105.00 | So. Central $105.00

Student: Individual currently enrolled full-time in an approved engineering program. Student membership in SEAW is free.

Did Your Membership Lapse?

We would be thrilled to have you back!  It's not too late to remain a part of SEAW, and we'll do our best to get you back on board.

As a member of SEAW you enjoy many important benefits, including:

  • Member pricing for SEAW dinner meetings and seminars

  • Access to members-only resources on the SEAW Website

  • Advance notice of activities, technical updates, job opportunities and member news through the chapter newsletters and the website

  • Complimentary subscription to Structure magazine

  • Discounts on the purchase of ICC publications