June 2018 Seattle Equilibrium


June 2018

Newsletter of the Seattle Chapter
Structural Engineers Association of Washington

Seattle Chapter Leadership

Darrell Staaleson

Vice President

Michael Bramhall


Theodore E. Smith

Michael Bramhall

Past President

Chun Lau

Directors 2016-2019

Douglas Beck
Shalini Prochazka

Directors 2017-2020
Mike Visser
Mark Whiteley

Directors 2018-2021
Jessica Jenness
Kevin M. Solberg

YMF President

Sean Augustino

In This Issue

  1. Seattle Chapter June Meeting
  2. May Dinner Meeting Recap
  3. Northwest Conference
  4. Southwest Chapter News
  5. Spokane Chapter News
  6. South Central Chapter News
  7. SEFW News
  8. State and Chapter Committee Reports
  9. Employment Opportunities
  10. Help Wanted - Lund Opsahl
  11. Membership Postings
  12. Help Wanted - Katerra
  13. Upcoming Events
  14. From the Editor



Seattle Chapter June Dinner Meeting 

Annual Spring Social & Awards Banquet
Topic: Building a City and Transforming a Landscape:
The First Alaskan Way Seawall

Tuesday, June 26, 2018
5:30 pm to 8:15 pm

Lake Union Cafe
3119 Eastlake Ave E
Seattle, WA, 98102

The Waterfront Seattle project currently underway is transforming the central waterfront but it is not the first time the city has remade its shoreline. After decades of arguing about how to build (and pay) for a seawall north of Madison Street, it was finally completed in 1936 – just in time for developments in transportation and shipping that would lead to a cascade of further changes. Historian Jennifer Ott will tell us the story of how the waterfront we know came to be and take a peek into its future.

  Speaker: Jennifer Ott
Jennifer Ott, assistant director of HistoryLink, is an environmental historian who has explored how people have shaped and been shaped by landscapes across the Northwest for the Oregon Historical Quarterly, HistoryLink.org, and Seattle magazine.

5:00-6:00   Social Hour and Vendor Displays
6:00-7:15   Buffet
7:15-7:30   SEFW Presentation, Scholarship Awards, and Life Member Presentations
7:30-8:15   Keynote Presentation: Building a City and Transforming a Landscape: 
The First Alaskan Way Seawall
8:15-9:15   President's Awards, 2017 Engineer of the Year Award

Registration Fees: 
$50 - Members, Non-members, & Guests
$35 - YMG 
$20 - Students
Free - Life members

May Seattle Chapter Dinner Meeting Recap
By Maximilian Dixon

This Month’s SEAW Dinner guest presenter was Maximilian Dixon, the Earthquake Program Manager for Washington State’s Emergency Management Division, with a presentation on the strategy to implement an Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) System in Washington and Oregon. While many discussions on EEW systems focus on how effectively they will save lives and property and speed up response and recovery following a major earthquake, Dixon took an opportunity to present another essential part of making sure this system functions successfully. The EEW system will require extensive education, outreach, and training to end users so that when they receive an EEW ShakeAlert, they will know what to do to protect themselves. Read More

Save the Date! 2018 Northwest Conference

See the Registration Packet for more information, including conference schedule, pricing information, hotel accommodations, and vendor list.

Delegate discount code:
Until July 11: earlydelegates
After July 11: delegates

SEA Members from chapters outside of Washington State:
Until July 11: earlySEAmem
After July 11: SEAmem

SEFW Reaches Every Corner of the State 
By Angela Gottula Twining

SEFW Board Member David Peden and a Mead School District STEM teacher award first-place prize to a high school student at the annual district-wide popsicle stick bridge competition back in February. The event is an excellent example of SEFW supporting outreach efforts in all parts of Washington.

The Structural Engineers Foundation of Washington is nearing the close of its fund-raising campaign, “Foundation for the Future:  Build the Next Story.” Representatives from our Board and supporting committees were able to attend SEAW Chapter meetings all over the state in May and share SEFW stories with all who attended.

SEFW is eager to expand its reach to different parts of the state with educational and outreach efforts. SEFW is the charitable arm of the state SEAW organization, and as such is a statewide foundation, ready to promote the structural engineering profession in areas like Bellingham, Olympia, TriCities, Spokane, and more. SEAW members with ideas and leads on educational and outreach opportunities are encouraged to contact the SEFW Board for funding and assistance. Read more

State and Chapter Committee Reports

Contact the committee chair if you are interested in learning more or getting involved:

  • NCSEA Delegate – Chun Lau
  • Earthquake Engineering Committee – Kai Ki Mow
    The EEC upcoming meeting dates are May 8, 2018. 
    One of the current main focus and an important topic that the committee hopes to address in the upcoming year is the Increased Seismic Load in the newly published ASCE 7-16. 
    Members interested in EEC can find additional information regarding the meeting on the SEAW website calendar or can contact the committee chair.
  • Outreach Committee - Pete Opsahl
    To sign up to volunteer or to mentor, visit the SEFW page
  • Sustainability Committee – Kyle Steuck
  • Refresher Committee – Mark Whiteley
  • Public Information Committee – Darrell Staaleson
  • Disaster Preparation/Response Committee – Joyce Lem
  • WABO Liaison Committee – Charlie Griffes
    The SEAW/WABO Liaison committee is now available for questions from SEAW or WABO members. These questions can be about subjects addressed in the white papers already issued or general questions in the realm of structural engineering practice as it relates to interaction with the various building departments. Comments or questions can be emailed to [email protected].
    White Paper 6b - 2017 on Deferred Submittals
  • Wind Engineering Committee – Scott Douglas
  • Technology Taskforce – Morgan Wiese
  • Membership Task Group – Jill Shuttleworth
  • Continuing Education Committee – Adam Ailvers
  • Scholarship Committee – Kevin Solberg 

Employment Opportunities

Structural Engineer-Equilibria – Structural Engineering

Mid-Level Structural Engineer – Morrison-Maierle

Staff Engineer/Scientist – APA The Engineered Wood Association

Structural Design Engineer – Quantum Consulting Engineers LLC

Structural Design Engineer-In-Training – BergerABAM

Structural Engineer – BergerABAM

Structural Engineer – Complete Design

Senior Manager/Civil Structural Design Services – Port of Seattle

Building Code Inspector Supervisor – City of Tacoma

Structural EIT – CG Engineering

Structural Project Manager – DCI Engineers

Senior Engineering Technician – City of Bothell

Learn More

Help Wanted - Lund Opsahl

Located across the street from Safeco Field, Lund Opsahl is a growing structural engineering firm that provides a wide spectrum of services, including planning, design, seismic and damage assessments, upgrades, additions, tenant improvements, and construction support for a variety of new and existing building types in the Pacific Northwest. Our reputation as creative innovators and technical experts is built on responsive service, collaborative teamwork, and lasting relationships. Our firm's size offers early opportunities to work on challenging projects and encourages exciting career growth uncommon at larger firms, especially for the ambitious.

Currently, we are looking for:

  • Structural Engineers of all skill levels
  • Full-time Administrator/Receptionist to be our first point of contact for visitors and telephone calls
  • Experienced CAD/BIM Technician


  • Competitive benefits and salaries
  • Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance/Health Savings Account
  • Performance-based bonuses
  • Flexible working hours
  • 401(k) with matching contribution
  • Profit Sharing Plan
  • PTO, and holidays
  • Group activities and team events
  • In-House education programs
  • Free parking
  • (Did we say we're next to Safeco Field?!)

Please visit our website, for additional information and job descriptions for each of these positions. Inquires and resumes may be sent to [email protected].

Membership Postings

In accordance with SEAW bylaws, membership applications are vetted by the executive director, granted probationary status by the chapter board, and posted for membership comment. Membership is considered accepted 30 days after posting if current year dues are paid and no member objections have been received. Read more

Upcoming Events

June 26: Annual Spring Social & Awards Banquet

July 10-12:  Free Solar Institute for STEM Teachers 

August 1-4: 2018 SEA Northwest Conference


Southwest Chapter News

Look for Southwest Chapter News in the future.

Spokane Chapter News

Look for Spokane Chapter News in the future.

South Central Chapter News

Look for South Central Chapter News in the future!

Help Wanted – Katerra

Katerra is a technology company transforming property development, design, and construction's from start to finish. We are building an entirely new kind of company that brings together expertise in design, technology, material sourcing, manufacturing, and construction as a single integrated offering. Currently, we are seeking Structural Engineers of all skill levels for our growing team in Seattle. As a Structural Engineer in Katerra, you'll interface with our Architectural, Construction, and Manufacturing teams to develop buildings and projects for our developer clients. We're focusing on developing new ways to deliver high-quality designs efficiently and we're excited to have creative people join us. Learn More

From the Editor
By Darrell Staaleson

Equilibrium publication Team:
Darrell Staaleson, Editor
Katie Olleman
Zohrah Ali
Allison Tran - Grammar, spelling, and watching out for you'll-never-believe-how-they-spelled-that!
I will be stepping down as Editor of Equilibrium as of the July Statewide Edition so I can focus on my duties as Seattle Chapter President. I will stay on to help and mentor.


  1. All members are welcome to submit articles to Equilibrium.  To help you with your writer's block, here are a few topics:  Write Engineer's Notes from Afield, summarize an interesting technical design you worked on, write about how you have been successful and increased productivity with an accounting procedure or marketing technique,  write about your experiences in community services, or share some construction site photos and talk about lessons learned.
  2. “A Picture and a Paragraph.” And please use the Article submittal form provided. Please note that when I say, “picture” I mean an actual “picture” and not a blank space where the “picture” should be.  And the picture needs a caption along with the names of the people in the photo.
  3. Please submit your articles in Word format using the Article Template.  [Article Template]


None that I can remember.   

June Puzzle:

Name the earliest known person to develop the calculus. Also, give the city in which he lived and the name of the document that proves his accomplishment.

The first SEAW member to respond on our SEAW Facebook Page or at the next Dinner Meeting – with a correct and full answer - will get coffee and a Danish pastry.



May Puzzle:

In the April Puzzle, Question #8 was a picture of Gandalf on the bridge at Khazad-Dum. What historical person and event did J.R.R. Tolkien use as the archetype for this thread of the story of “The Fellowship of the Ring?”



The first SEAW member to respond on our SEAW Facebook Page or at the next Dinner Meeting – with a correct and full answer - will get coffee and a Danish pastry.

Answer: Horatius at the bridge.

Winner: Correct answer was given by John Gunn.  John wins a coffee and a Danish pastry and can collect the prize at the next dinner meeting.

Want to know more about Horatius?

Check out the poem by Thomas Babington McAulay.

April Puzzle:

Test your Geek. Give the correct or at least a marginally respectable interpretation at a Sci-Fi Geek response to the following statements and name the movie or book and the character they come from.  So, good luck! And Klaatu baradanicto!

Check out our SEAW Facebook page for Clues.

For example, ladies, if some guy says, “Shouldn’t there be a safety light?”  Your correct response should be, “Safety lights are for dudes!” – Holtzmann from Ghostbusters 2017. 


Winner:  Previously I reported that no one even attempted this puzzle. So I shared the puzzle with our speaker for the May dinner meeting, Maximillian Dixon. Maximillian gave respectable answers for most of the questions. He didn’t know about “Young Frankenstein” which is a negative for any serious Sci-Fi geek.  And he answered, “These droids are for sale if you want them.” for #2 instead of “you don’t need to see my identification.”  But he knew “Hellboy” and he thought Captain America was the best Avenger.   And that made all the difference.  And just so you know, had he answered, “Ironman” for the best Avenger, well, he probably would not have been given the benefit of the doubt.

Maximillian wins a coffee and a Danish pastry.  I’ll send him a Starbucks card so he can enjoy his winnings on a future coffee break.  


 Structural Engineers Association of Washington
www.seaw.org | 206-209-5283 |  [email protected]