The SEAW Legislative Committee would like to alert our members that the following legislation has moved to the Washington House Judiciary Committee and is scheduled for a vote on March 23.

SB 5185 - Providing immunity from liability for professional or trade associations providing emergency response volunteers.

CALL TO ACTION: We encourage you to learn more about this measure. We hope you will join us in support of this legislation.

Please contact your Legislators immediately to express your opinion. 

Points for discussion in your email to your representative could be:

SSB 5158 will:

  1. Protect organizations that train emergency response volunteers.
  2. Help to maintain the state's valuable resource of engineers, architects, other design professionals and building officials who volunteer their services in disasters.
  3. Improved preparedness in the event of natural disasters.

If you live or work in one of the listed Districts, you will have the strongest voice as a constituent of that Representative. Members of the House Judiciary Committee and their Districts are listed here: 

To contact your Senator or Representative, go to, the alphabetical list of Representatives. Click on the email link or use the phone number.

Please note, SEAW and the Legislative committee does NOT direct our members to support or oppose this legislation. We want to make our members aware of a bill that could have a direct impact on our organization and Public Safety.

"I support SB 5185. I think this legislation is essential to the structural engineering profession, disaster preparedness, and Public Safety." - Tim Nordstrom, P.E., S.E. Past President of SEAW.

The House Judiciary Committee hearing was held on the morning of March 15. Testimony in favor of the measure was given by the following:

Kelli Dean, President, ASCE Seattle Section
Bob Galteland, President, Reid Middleton
Ed Huston, Principal at Smith & Huston, Inc.
Amy Brackenbury, representing WABO.

Watch the video. SSB 5185 is first, approx. 4 minutes for the Staff Briefing and Senator Wilson's testimony. Public testimony starts at 29:25 and lasts 10 minutes. 

Paul Brallier of the SEAW Disaster Preparedness Committee gives testimony in favor of SB 5185 to the Senate State Government Committee.

Want to know more?

Read about the Good Samaritan Protection Law in the FEB 2017 Edition of Equilibrium.