March 2017

Newsletter of the Seattle Chapter
Structural Engineers Association of Washington

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  1. March Dinner Meeting
  2. From the Board
  3. January Dinner Meeting Recap
  4. Technical Article - IBC 1603.1.8 Special Loads
  5. SEAW Strategic Plan Update Notice
  6. Nominating Committee Report
  7. YMF Corner
  8. SEFW Update
  9. Southwest Chapter News
  10. Spokane Chapter News
  11. South Central Chapter News
  12. Structural Masonry Design Seminar
  13. Congratulations!
  14. Facebook Update
  15. Membership Postings
  16. Employment Opportunities
  17. From the Editor
  18. Upcoming Events

March Dinner Meeting

Joint Meeting with ASCE & SEAW

TOPIC: Electronic seals, New Licensure Website, Enforcement process.

WHEN: Wednesday March 15, 2017

LOCATION: Mirabella, 116 Fairview Ave. N, Seattle

Are you currently sealing and signing drawings electronically? Do you sign a pdf? Does your drafter add your seal and signature? You are probably violating the Washington State Law and Rules!

Shanan Gillespi, our first March joint meeting speaker, will discuss the current Washington State regulations on electronic signatures and how you should be protecting your seal and signature. She will also highlight the new Washington State online licensing renewal system and the new abilities that are about to be launched for Washington registrants.

Jill Short will follow with information about the complaint process, due process for you if you have a complaint filed against you and the general investigative process... just in case you are violating the electronic seal and signature provisions!


Shanan Gillespie began her career with the Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors in April 1991. Since she joined the Washington Board she has held the positions of Licensing Representative, Administrative Assistant, Compliance Officer, Investigator, Management Analysis, and Regulatory Program Manager. Shanan is currently the Acting Executive Director for the Board.

Jill Short began her career with the Board in October 2005. Jill started as an Investigator 2, promoted to an Investigator 3, then to the Investigations Manager. She is now the Investigations & Compliance Manager/Program Manager.

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From the Board
By Shalini Prochazka

Recently, I attended the Structural Engineers Association of Oregon Scholarship Foundation (SEAOSF) Annual Trade Show and Mini-Seminars in Portland, OR area. It was not the first time I had attended this event but noticed a few things differently as I was observing the show from a perspective of a board member of a similar organization. My participation was as a vendor and I presented the background and benefit of the Simpson Strong-Tie Strong Frame® Moment Frames  for one of the mini seminars. What intrigued me about this event was that the show was actually a significant fundraiser while the Structural Engineers Association of Oregon (SEAO) members attended the show free. The proceeds of this event go to the SEAOSF scholarship fund that awards scholarships to Junior, Senior, or Master's students studying structural engineering in an Oregon University. Read more

Technical Article - IBC 1603.1.8 Special Loads


CHANGE SUMMARY: The dead load of any rooftop-mounted photovoltaic (PV) solar panels must now be identified on the construction documents.

2015 CODE: 

1603.1.8 Special Loads. Special loads that are applicable to the design of the building, structure or portions thereof shall be indicated along with the specified section of this code that addresses the special loading condition.

1603.1.8.1 Photovoltaic Panel Systems. The dead load of rooftop- mounted photovoltaic panel systems, including rack support systems, shall be indicated on the construction documents. Read more

YMF Corner
By Gino Mazzotti

On February 4th, 14 YMF volunteers represented SEAW at the PSEC Engineering Fair. As part of SEAW's outreach efforts, YMF members provided K-12 students and their parents a glimpse into the structural engineering profession and gave them the opportunity to engage directly with college students and professionals in the field. The annual fair provided a fun and visible way to introduce K-12 students to various types of engineering. SEAW's volunteers highlighted the importance of creativity in structural engineering by asking students to create a sturdy (and at times sticky) beach structure made of bamboo skewers, gumdrops, and marshmallows to withstand forces created by a tsunami. Students of all ages were engaged and enthusiastic to learn about how dangerous tsunamis area and how engineers use different structural elements and techniques to protect our communities. If you are looking for more information on ways to get involved in YMF or Outreach activities, please email us at seawymf@gmail.com. And, as always, while the YMF exists for the young engineers, we encourage engineers of all experience levels to attend YMF events, whether to learn or offer mentorship to the younger engineers. Read more

Structural Masonry Design Seminar

The Northwest Concrete Masonry Association will be conducting a full-day seminar focusing on the design of reinforced concrete masonry construction. Both working stress and strength design methods of the new 2015 IBC and 2013 TMS 402/ACI 530 masonry codes will be covered.

The seminar will include the explanation of new code provisions and step-by-step design examples of masonry building elements by manual and automated methods. It is aimed at practicing engineers who want to learn how to design masonry in a practical and efficient manner. It will be presented by two professional engineers at each location. The seminar will consist of 7.5 hours of continuing education. Certificates of attendance will be issued. Read more

Facebook Update
By Darrell Staaleson, PIC Chair

The SEAW Facebook Page has 2,358 'Likes' which is up from 2,353 for last month. That means 2,358 people will see your post immediately. 

Among other things available on our Facebook page, you can watch the video of Paul Brallier of the SEAW Disaster Preparedness Committee giving testimony in favor of SB 5185 to the Senate State Government Committee. 

The most liked recent post from our Facebook page was this photo which reached 1438 people.  

Photo from Dinner meeting on Jan 24, 2017 for Student Showcase and Student Presentations Event.

Upcoming Events

March 7 - EEC Meeting

March 15 - Seattle Chapter Joint Meeting with ASCE Seattle Section

March 21 - Disaster Prep & Response Committee Meeting

March 28 - Seattle Board Meeting

March 31 - State Board Meeting


January Dinner Meeting Recap
By Morgan Wiese, YMF President

On January 24th, SEAW had our annual dinner meeting, the Annual Student Showcase and Student Event. For the Student Event, we had approximately sixty students from the University of Washington and Seattle University networking with ten local engineering firms. The firms gave students the opportunity to learn about different types of structural engineering firms and the various types of work they do. Thank you to all the firms who sponsored the Student Event and to those that were present to talk to the students! Read more

SEAW Strategic Plan Update Notice
By Ted Smith, State President

We are about half way through the 10 year plan developed in 2011 and it's time for a review or update of the plan. Several State officers, officers from each Chapter, some committee chairs, and some other members who have been involved with the Strategic Plan will be participating in a meeting on April 1, 2017 to evaluate and update the plan. Due to the short time frame, we don't plan to do another survey of all members like we did for the 2011 version, but we welcome your ideas and suggestions. Let your Chapter President know of any issues you want addressed at the meeting.

View the current strategic plan.

Nominating Committee Report

The Nominating Committee for the Seattle Chapter met on February 21, 2017 to develop a slate of candidates for Chapter V.P. and two board members. Selected candidates will be announced in the April Newsletter.

SEFW Update
By Angela Gottula Twining

SEFW was proud to sponsor, for the third year in a row, the Mead School District Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition, which was held February 11 in Spokane. Just under 150 students from 12 elementary, middle, and high schools, created 81 bridges to be tested. The winning bridge held 866 pounds and weighted 287 grams! Read more

Southwest Chapter News

Future home of Southwest Chapter News.

Spokane Chapter News

Future home of Spokane Chapter News. 

South Central Chapter News

Future home of South Central Chapter News. 


Every January, ENR magazine editors revisit the stories published over the past year and select 25 individuals who "have gone above and beyond to serve the interests of the construction industry." This year, our current SEAW Seattle Chapter President, Cary Kopczynski of CKC, was chosen by ENR to receive their Top 25 Newsmakers Award. Cary also won an ENR Top 25 Newsmaker Award in 2008.

He was selected for his innovative work with steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC), as outlined in the September 2016 ENR article, "On a Quest to Improve Concrete Construction in Seismic Zones." CKC's pioneering use of SFRC in shear wall link beams streamlined construction of these critical elements in several high-rise towers, and helped advance additional research into SFRC's use, currently underway at several leading universities. Cary will be honored at a black-tie gala in New York City on April 13.

Membership Postings

In accordance with SEAW bylaws, membership applications are vetted by the Executive Director, granted probationary status by the chapter board, and posted for membership comment. Membership is considered accepted 30 days after posting if current year dues are paid and no member objections have been received. Read more

Employment Opportunities

Sr Structural Engineer - MLA Engineering, PLLC

Project Engineer/Manager - Wiseman + Rohy Structural Engineers

Structural Design Engineer - Quantum Consulting Engineers

Structural Engineer - Integrus Architecture

Read more


From the Editor
By Darrell Staaleson, PIC Chair

Equilibrium publication Team: 

Darrell Staaleson, Editor
Tim Nordstrom
Zohrah Ali
Allison Tran - Grammar, spelling, and watching out for OMG!

1. The Board of Directors for the Seattle Chapter has decided to make Equilibrium available to all chapters Statewide. In the coming months we will be adding a section for news and articles from each chapter.

2. We are looking for another Member to help with Publication of Equilibrium. Please contact me if you are interested. Thank you to Tim Nordstrom, Zohrah Ali, and Allison Tran for stepping up!


1. All members are welcome to submit articles to Equilibrium. Write Engineer's Notes from Afield; or summarize an interesting technical design you worked on; write about how you have been successful and increased productivity with an accounting procedures or marketing technique; write about your experiences in community services; or share some construction site photos and talk about lessons learned.

2. "A Picture and a Paragraph." And please use the Article submittal form provided.


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